First NZ Bloggers Brunch Club of 2019

Entering 2019, one thing I was super excited for was getting back into NZ Bloggers’ #BrunchClub – For me, I love NZ Bloggers because it introduced me to a whole community of bloggers. This is awesome especially when you’re just starting up as a blogger. From these brunch clubs, I’ve met lifetime friends and have made some great connections with other bloggers.

I still remember attending my first ever Brunch Club which was around this time last year. I knew nobody and just met the admins Lena from Lena Talks & Laura from Life with Laura that same day – It was out of my own comfort zone to go to an event alone but I put my big girl pants on and decided I needed to get to know other bloggers. It’s so important because when you’re starting up, it can feel lonely and it’s hard to stay focused and passionate when you know nobody else in the industry. However, thanks to NZ Bloggers and the regular Brunch Club they host, I now know so many in the same industry and it’s always a great time when we meet.

Our first Brunch Club for 2019 was hosted by Ozone Coffee Roastery located in Grey Lynn. I had the pleasure of attending the Auckland Opening for Ozone Coffee in February so I was stoked to hear March’s Brunch Club was to take place there. Image

Before I attend any Brunch Club, I like to have a look at a Cafe’s menu as I can be quite picky with food. However, I didn’t check out the menu for Ozone Coffee as I wanted to decide on the day. Not the best choice as I was on Keto so originally decided to go with the Omelette but I gave in the moment I read “Velda’s 3-cheese Italian pancake w poached egg, silver-beet, peach chutney & house creme fraiche” on the menu. I mean, who doesn’t love a good cheesy pancake?! I did not regret my decision as I thoroughly enjoyed my meal alongside a soy mocha.

Ozone Coffee is a beautiful cafe hidden in Westmoreland, Grey Lynn (perfect for foodies like myself who like to dine at hidden cafes). The open plan provides the perfect space for people to host events. The staff are extremely friendly and the cafe is dog-friendly also! Such a bonus right?!

It was a fantastic start to the year for NZ Bloggers – If you’re an Auckland Blogger, I’d love to see you at the next #BrunchClub

– Island Girl Blogger